Reagents are ingredients that can be used to affect potions in certain ways. They can be added to any potion, though some might work better when used with certain types of potions. A list of some of the more common reagents follows:

+1d4 damage vs. dog creatures(hellhounds, wolves, worgs, Etc.)

Reduces cost of potion by 20%, imbiber takes 1d4 damage when it is drunk. Can be used in poisons to ad an extra +1 to all ability damage

A bluish mineral, Caltrite reduces the cost of any healing potions by 50%

As the name implies, when angerweed is mixed into a potion it gives the imbiber the ability to rage like a barbarian

Erasmus vine
Erasmus vine gives the imbiber darkvision when mixed into a potion

A plant found in the shadowfell. Despite the name, this reagent causes the user to shrink, as per the reduce person spell


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