The Exarch Stones

10/9: To the East!

Before our heroes could set off for Katapesh, Adam got sidetracked by orders sent directly from the Dark Reavers. He was to investigate a ruins which were believed to be a old Dark Reaver command post. As they were ecploring, they were shocked to find skeletons rise from the floor and begin attacking them! They were also surprised at the gnome who flew out of the shadows like a missile and killed a skeleton with his bare hands. Fighting, side by side, they defeated the skeletons and the gnome introduced himself as Bauxmat, a Green Path Ascendant, a group of monks who believe in the balance of the elements. They decided to at least explore the ruins together, although Valen had trouble with the monk’s patience and discipline. Valen was soon distracted however, as when they waled upstairs they found a library. After a quick detect magic, he found a hidden alcove containing a thin book. Opening it, he was surprised when a wyrm of fire shot out and nearly hit him! He put the book away and moved into the next room. It appeared to be a commanders room, And a skeleton wearing commanders robes for the dark legion leaned against the wall holding a large tome. As the Pcs try to take it, the skeleton spraing up, grabbed a longsword by it’s side, and began attacking the party as mysterious shapes formed around the room. While Adam and Nick assaulted the skeleton furiously, Valen dashed back and forth across the room in a frenzy, destroying shadow after shadow. His luck would end however, when he ran to attack the Skeleton Lord, and got stabbed through the collarbone. Bau saved him from further damage, however, when he seperated the skeletons head from it’s neck with a crunch.

Back in Aridale, Valen got a little to drunk and a little to loud, and accidently let his arcane nature slip out in front of a templar. Nick once again saved Valen by knocking the templar out before he could cause any harm. Valen packed up and let the others know they were leaving for Katapesh immediately

Arriving in Katapesh, with only slight clues to what they are looking for, they split up. Bau would do a general search for any cult activity, Adam would follow up on an archeologic expedition they might join, and Valen would go begin trying to set up his drug empire. Bauxmat found out there was a cultist located in the very tribunal themselves, and Valen began infiltrating the local drug empire and made friends with a gnome lady by the name Quiyra. Adam secured them a guard spot on the expedition, and they set off two days later.

Arriving at the Thassolonian ruins, they slept through the night and set to work immediately the next day. Adam, having experience with these strange ruins before, led them through. THe found a celestial chart that detailed constellations, a summoning circle and golem pit (With a book that intrigued Bauxmant very much), but the greatest prize was opening a large vault and finding the legendary soul forge. After setting up an elaborate plan, our heroes were attacked by a group of slavers, which fit nicely into their plans. After herding the archeologists and mages into the vault and then collapsing the tinnel to seal away the soul forge’s awful power, the party rode out into the desert to escape the slavers



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