The Exarch Stones

10/31: Finding the Cult!

As our adventurers fled into the desert, they became lost. Not knowing which way to go, they wandered for several hours until Adam found them an oasis. Crazed by thirst, Valen stripped off his clothes and dove into the water, while the rest walked up to it more calmly and took their fill. It wasn’t long, however, until the adventurers found themselves in trouble like they normally do. The water began to bubble, then large hands began to grab them and they were dragged below the water. after a minute of oppressive darkness, the adventurer’s found themselves in a flagstone room. After some exploration, they learned that it was of Thassilonian ownership, though not of Thassilonian creation. Eventually they found the ghost of an old Thassilonian sorcerer, who wove a tale about how his clan had been attacked by barbarians, and he was trapped here by their shaman. He promised them a quick exit and a powerful amulet if they killed the shaman. They did, and they escaped with a powerful amulet that could see through the best of illusions.

Heading back to Katapesh, they decided to follow up on the cultist who infiltrated the tribunal. Pretending he was a member of the cult in Aridale, Valen infiltrated the cultists house. While there, he learned that The cult was looking for the soul forge, and was also looking for a map of some kind to go with it. Furthermore, it named two other cultists in Katapesh: a Half-orc noble named Karzahg, and Clay, who was leading the smugglers in the area

The following morning, Adam and their new dwarf companion followed the cultist, while Valen and Bauxmaut looked for the thieves guild. Unfortunately, the Adam and the dwarf found it first, and dealt with it in the only way they knew how: attacking it head on. Bauxmat and Valen tried to fix the situation by pretending to fight the other two, and requesting a meeting with Clay. After discussion with clay, They learned that a piece of the star map was in the Museum of Artifacts in Katapesh, and that it would be his job to find it



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